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When women can only be the mother of our children, that is evil. Being a mother is heroic, but it must be a choice, to be or not to be, and of how many. If a woman chooses to be heroic in other ways, she has that right.


Voting is a way to fight for your rights -- If you don't fight for your rights, you do not deserve any rights. Citizens of other countries have fought to have the right to vote.

It can seem like a waste of time, and if that is true, then YOU need to change it.
America was not made perfect, ONCE, long, long ago. America is always changing to meet our needs IF we put in the effort to improve her. Your change makes you a part of what makes America beautiful: Representative Democracy.

Social conservatives, typically Republicans, vote to stiffle and stop abortion, and take away other women's rights (they've fought equal pay laws 1, 2, maternity leave under the Family Medical Leave Act 3, 4, and prohibit insurance-paid birth control 5, 6. We need our patients (women) to vote proChoice Democratic to help us and women survive. If you don't vote, if you are not actively changing society for the better, then you have no right to complain about the way things are. VOTE! VOLUNTEER for political organizations!

To be able to vote requires that you have identification and be registered to vote. You will need to make sure you have acceptable ID and your Voter's Registration Card. It is very helpful to be informed about what is at vote. I do not have a good source for that, yet.

Voter Registration

Some people don't want to vote because they feel like they are encouraging more wasteful government. The opposite happens, actually. When few people vote, politicians know We the People aren't listening, and they can be corruptful and still get re-elected. Vote, or run for public office yourself. Make a change!