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When women can only be the mother of our children, that is evil. Being a mother is heroic, but it must be a choice, to be or not to be, and of how many. If a woman chooses to be heroic in other ways, she has that right.

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Abortion news
Abortion provider Dr. Hern
comments on Supreme Court
ruling against Boston buffer
zone. No peaceful protesters.
6-29-14, Daily Kos
Abortion movie, "Obvious Child,"
Opened in NY & LA. Comedy, drama,
abortion, relationships, ProChoice.
A must see movie.
Facebook - Obvious Child
6-20-14, New York Times.
KS Board of Healing Arts (medical
licensing) gets it's hands slapped
in the Neuhaus case. Neuhaus' record-
keeping IS NOT grounds to revoke
license. Sent back to lower court.
6-12-2014, Sacramento Bee, Sacbee.com
MO passes Unconstitutional 72-hr Wait
without required exceptions.
Requires waiting 3 days after meet
Doc, then come back, like that's
going to change anything.
May 15, 2014, Reuters.com
North Dakota abortion ban
killed. It's unConstitutional
because banned all abortions.
4-17-14, CNN.com.
Kansas wants PP to pay for the
litigation KS started. KS wants to
burden PP with it's litigation
costs BEFORE PP can appeal.
That's like starting a fight
and asking the other guy to apologize.
April 4, 2014, KSN TV, Wichita, ksn.com
China's baby safe-havens overwhelmed.
No-questions-asked sites
are receiving too many babies.
[Where are our proLifers now?]
March 18, 2014, cnn.com
Abortion doctor wins preliminary case
against anti-abortion Kansas
Board of Healing Arts (Brownback
appointed). Judge criticizes
"trial" by KBHA.
Associated Press, 3-10-2014
South Dakota 72-Hr Wait has cost
State $172K to defend UnConsitutional
law. Also required visit to proLife
anti-abortion center to get a counseling
ticket that they won't give you.
Feb-24-2014, RHRealityCheck.org
South Dakota AB weirdness.
Abortion Doc must remove fetus intact
else felony imprisonment. Like working
on a car and hands mustn't get dirty!
Just another abortion ban.
Feb-13-2014, huffingtonpost.com.
Five misconceptions about Catholics
and abortion
From a poll by Unvision
of catholics. Contraception is okay,
sometimes and abortions are okay, sometimes.
The Week, Feb-6-2014, theweek.com
Louisiana Health Dept
tries to close all LA abortion clinics.
Dept wanted 30-day waiting period.
by Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check,
Jan-27-2014, http://rhrealitycheck.org
35-foot buffer zone law being challenged
from Massachusetts by the Supreme Ct.
Not enough attention on this
pivotal case. Chipping-away effect.
12-29-2013, Boston Globe.
Ft Wayne abortion clinic closes
because of required hospital privileges,
in the name of patient protection.
12-27-2013, Raw Story
proLifers attack Docs hospital
privileges as required by new TX law.
Darned if you do and Darned if you don't.
11-21-2013, San Antonio Express-News

Welcome to Aid For Women, and we are glad you found us amongst the clutter of anti-Choice websites. We are proChoice. We have one location in Kansas City, Kansas, but we provide abortions for the Greater Kansas City area including Overland Park to the south, Platte City and Kansas City north of the river, Blue Springs to the east, Tonganoxie/Leavenworth in the west, and locations as far as 7 hours away (Wichita, Great Bend, Liberal, Salina, Hays, Springfield, Branson, Jefferson City, Kirksville, Oklahoma City, and Falls City, NE).

We provide regular abortions with or without valium. Other narcotics are given to help with cramping discomfort.

If you are seeking an abortion you will need to be prepared. Please...

We understand that an abortion is a difficult decision, and your desire for privacy. Private rooms are used for medical preparations, counseling, the procedure. Our Recovery is in a 2-Patient and their Support Person room. Our prices include Sonography to determine pregnancy gestation counted by weeks from Last Menstrual Period (LMP) using the Queenan sonography scale, analgesics such as the valium (diazepine) or similar, and a preventative antibiotics such as doxycycline or azithromycin. Extra costs will be if you have the Rh-negative blood-type (15% have A-, B-, O-, or AB-), in which case you must receive a Rhogam injection prior to the abortion.

The Follow-Up visit in 3-4 weeks is extra but minimal cost (around $30) and consists of a pelvic exam and urine pregnancy test (uCG) or it can be done with your own physician.

Currently we are offering Local anesthesia with analgesics such as oral valium. You are in an altered state of mind, awake, and it helps with the cramping.

We have a Kansas licensed physician with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

Abortion, adoption and raising children are all hard choices, and that is for the patient, not me nor anyone else to decide. In my opinion, God loves us and understands our decisions. Don't be harsh on yourself. Cheers to the men who have the courage to support whatever decision she makes.

Every Child a Wanted choice. proWoman proFamily proHealth proChoice!

We are being forced by Republicans to use our website resources to say untruthful things about the State's proLife website in hopes that you will visit their website and change your mind away from abortion. We must have this signage or go to jail. Republicans also don't believe that rape causes pregnancy, nor ever too many children. They are stupid. Let's vote them out of office. However, here goes... "The Kansas Department of Health and Environment maintains a website containing objective, nonjudgmental, scientifically accurate information about the development of the unborn child, as well as video of sonogram images of the unborn child at various stages of development. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment's website can be reached by clicking here."