When women can only be the mother of our children, that is evil. Being a mother is heroic, but it must be a choice, to be or not to be, and of how many. If a woman chooses to be heroic in other ways, she has that right.

Welcome to Aid For Women, and we are glad you found us amongst the clutter of anti-Choice websites. We are proChoice.

We closed our doors July 26, 2014 and are referring our abortion-seeking patients (you) to Center For Women's Health. They have been good to us. I am sorry for the trouble this may cause you. The Clinic Manager and Physician have both decided to retire. For those who have been our Patient before, we Thank you for showing your trust in us and will miss you and your heart-felt stories of family hardships. The other clinics are listed below.

Center for Women's Health

4840 College Blvd, Leawood, KS 66211